Marketing Action Plan: Benefits


At Big Ideas! we’ve developed a step-by-step program that creates a road that leads to your target and ultimately marketing success. We simply called it M.A.P. This Marketing Action Plan was developed after working with many clients asking the same questions time and time again. We discovered that most clients spent more time planning their vacation than planning their business future. Each client began with a great idea but no real marketing plan, spent most of their budget reacting to what they thought they needed and received little or no results. The reality is, companies who survive, act on a solid plan. They take the time to build it, then follow it. They don’t waste time or money traveling a path that is not worthy of traveling.

The MAP program involves an intensive focus on your business strategies across all marketing disciplines. It also serves as a systematic management tool for problem solving, market planning, product development and preparing business plans. It is an extremely effective process that delivers strategic and creative solutions customized to your company. The results establish a clear vision for your business and target audience. Plus, this unique approach rewards you with precise strategies, timelines and budgets which ultimately lead to a stronger return on your investments.

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